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Grupo Galysan.
Smart Strength.
Galysan is a company with vast experience of all round building work.

The prime objective of all Galysan activities is to maximise customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this, each new project receives our full quality commitment, backed by the total dedication of our entire staff, with the aim of ensuring the best possible outcome to fulfil our service promise.


  • Homes The Housing Department at Galysan is focussed on creating practical, comfortable living spaces, aimed at turning our customers' dreams into the reality of a new home.
  • Buildings Galysan has over 40 years' experience building living spaces, making us a reference in the construction sector. As a group, our commitment is to continue helping our clients with the peace of mind and confidence required to ensure ongoing excellence.
  • Solar Power Galyan is a strong backer of renewable energy sources and works to protect and respect the Environment, meaning that each day our resolve is strengthened still further to acquire the skills needed to reach and then maintain a solid position within the sector.
4 Major Business areas: all types of civil and private building projects (homes, schools, care centres, etc.) INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS, CIVIL ENGINEERING PROJECTS AND SOLAR POWER FACILITIES. All backed up with our vast experience.

Furthermore, at Galysan....

- We are able to undertake all kinds of civil engineering and private commissions, working to plans or we can offer you our expert team of architects and project managers.

- We work to improve sustainable residential buildings with work such as:

- Thermal and acoustic insulation to save energy..

- The implantation of alternative energy systems for hot water and/or electricity, with solar panels or other energy-saving devices.

- Structural refurbishment.


4 Major Business areas


Our goal is to offer our customers high quality homes with the best guarantees and the most competitive price on the market. For this reason, we offer customised projects, after identifying our client and their needs with tailor-made proposals.

Industrial buildings

All our projects are built to last, whilst offering innovation, with an ongoing commitment to the use of the latest materials and building technology. We pride ourselves on our quality, professionalism and fulfilling all our promises to customers.

Civil Engineering

Grupo Galysan invests in infrastructure...both in Spain and abroad.

Solar Power

At Grupo Galysan, is a dynamic new company dedicated to renewable energy and in particular, to solar energy, where our well-trained group of engineers constantly strive to offer solar and electric solutions.

The aim of Galysan is to satisfy the growing demand in our society for sustainable energy use which respects the environment, whilst making the best possible use of renewal energy sources.